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 My 3 year old son has been coming to Ganfield Therapeutics after hearing about myofascial release from a speech therapist.  My son has chronic lung disease and was still on oxygen, 24 hours a day back when he was first seen.  What a difference we saw with this therapy!  He has be able to be weaned off of needing his oxygen during the day. I have begun taking my six year old, who has had sensory issues as well.
I highly recommend Ganfield Therapeutics to parents with children who have breathing issues, Cerebral Palsy and sensory issues.  I have seen first hand how it has helped my 2 children. 
Katy Myers    
 After 26 years of massage therapy, repetitive stress landed me in the hospital. Thank God for Ganfield Therapeutics.  I knew Lisa from a past Myofascial class, so the relationship was built.  All the therapists' at Ganfield offer a different angle, but all with the same intention.  Getting me back in balance. Try them all, for each therapist has something different to offer.
Salli W. 
After multiple surgeries and radiation, my upper body was often in discomfort and pain.  Scarring, fibrosis and edema challenged me everyday.  Traditional chiropractic, occupational and physical therapies did not give me the sustained results I found with the Myofascial Release Therapy I received at Ganfield Therapeutics.  The self-help stretching exercises I learned from Ganfield are simple, yet effective in maintaining my agility, mobility and general good health.
 Patricia W.
I have been treated at Ganfield Therapeutics for about 2 years now. I wanted to let you know that I consider the treatment I received here for my pain, the reason I am able to continue with a fairly normal life. I am unable to take pain medication due to issues with my kidneys and the only thing that gives me true pain relief is my treatment at Ganfield Therapeutics.The therapists are professional and very well skilled in their approach and willing to listen to me as we figure out what works best. I feel part of a team that works in concert for my well being. I recommend Ganfield Therapeutics to people I meet that are struggling with pain. MRF therapy is so helpful to me that I can't help telling poeple about it.The office is welcoming and is always willing to help me with any questions I have. I also appreciate the reminder call each week.Thank you for providing this service to those who are in need of pain relief. I am indebted to you for helping me continue to manage my multiple medical issues. 

Mary Jo Pihlaja 

What other Therapists are saying:

I had a truly wonderful experience doing my Skills Enhancement Seminar at Ganfield Therapeutics and didn't want it to end. The knowledge and quidance of the staff is tremendous. I am so grateful to have experienced how a successful MFR clinic works. I was also treated (which was awesome) and got to practice my skills on one of the therapists who gave me awesome feedback on my techniques that really helped my understanding reach a new level. I was very impressed with the classes and education of the physical therapists to treat themselves and be responsible for their healing. This is how therapy should be. Thank You Everyone at Ganfield Therapeutics for the wonderful experience.

Inna Smirnova, MPT
When I first came to Ganfield Therapeutics, my wrists and hands were in constant pain and kept me from doing almost everything. After a couple sessions I could immediately tell a difference. Not only did they help me to heal at my therapy sessions, but they also taught me how to heal myself if/when minor problems arise. Thank you. I've finally been able to start drumming again !

Daniel Beckwith

I'm so happy with the results of my therapy sessions at Ganfield Therapeutics. While the therapy was wonderful, it was the classes that taught me how to stretch and take care of myself, which I feel will have long term benefits.

Lori Metz


I began treatment with Ganfield Therapeutics for my chronic pain. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was at the point where i feared I would not be able to drive, write a letter or function in a normal daily life. My doctor then recommended Ganfield Therapeutics. I came opened minded, but fearful that it would not work on all the painful points. I was gratefully wrong. The sessions and stretching are working and last. I am getting better each day. I was at the pain scale of a 9/10 and it is now a 4 and going lower.

Eileen M.

When I began your treatment, my goal was to appear straighter, have my shoulders more level, and for my upper torso to be less twisted. Of course, to have less pain as well.
Myofascial Release and Manual Therapy at your facility accomplished just that. I couldn't be more pleased
PS - you and your staff are very considerate.


I wanted to give you some feedback on the recent course of treatment I had with you and your therapists. I have lived with pain and discomfort due to a pinched nerve running from my lower back, down my left leg and into my foot for the last six years. After only nine treatments (I started feeling relief after two weeks), I am pain free. This is miraculous, as I have sought relief through other therapies over the years with no success. I have to credit your techniques (MFR) for this welcome result. Also, I realize that the exercise program you designed for me is doing its part and will demand a life-long commitment from me. I am happy to oblige as long as my quality of life remains so good. 

I am definitely a satisfied patient.

John Johnson


I just wanted to let you know that since you have been "messing with my head" for vertigo, my vision has improved.  I had Lasik "monovision" surgery done in January 2003.  My left eye was adjusted for close vision and my right was adjusted for far.  In January of 2011, the doctor informed me that my far vision needed correction.  I couldn't afford the touch up at the time, so she gave me a prescription for a contact lens I wear in my right eye when I drive.  When I went today for the pre-screening for the procedure, she and I were both amazed when we realized I have 20/20 vision in both eyes! The only thing I could think of was your treatments for vertigo.  She seems skeptical but you and I both know the reason!  Thanks!

Shel Cappellano
Part II Examinations Sr. Administrator
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. 

The Raindrop massage given by the therapists really made my spine more fluid and pain free-- and I grew almost a full inch--Highly recommended!  The therapist's intuition and positive attitude also helped in relaxing and gaining the most benefits. Thank you!

Mary Lynn S.                        



Ganfield Therapeutics is a non-threatening, gentle, environment of acceptance and loving support. The therapists are all highly experienced. Believe me, not all therapists are created equal. These are the best. They have experienced myofascial therapy themselves. Some are athletes and others, concerned about being fitness healthy. They listen to the patient. They are educators, teachers, giving the patient tools of special stretching exercises that can be done at home to maintain strength and pain free health.
The center is in a very convenient and easy location. I came from Kenosha, Wisconsin, which is about twenty minutes. The center itself is beautifully designed and therapeutic. I feel good just being there. I researched several places in the area that claim to be myofascial therapy. This is the only one that I wanted to trust. They are working at the expert, senior level. The center also takes most insurance.
About me: I am an avid runner, 68 year old, retired music teacher who has made fitness and nutrition a way of life to avoid family health problems.

Two years ago I experienced the John Barnes Myofascial treatment center in Sedona, Arizona, with their two week intensive program; working in therapy thee hours a day for two weeks. I could not believe how my pain was much improved just by their working  with the fascia, soft tissue. After years of injections, etc., this had given relief.

I came to Ganfield Therapeutics this summer while training for an October half-marathon trail run. My knees, hip, back, groin, even hip and back spasms, everything hurt. I needed a body tune up. After a few sessions, I ran the race in a little over two hours, winning my division, and felt great. The work one experiences with Myofascial is like a seed. It  takes time for it to grow. In time, you too, will feel better. Growth and feeling better will continue to happen long after your treatments, just as I have experienced. This is life-enhancing. I felt more at peace with myself, and believed that I would be successful in the race. This was just what I needed. Lisa and her fabulous staff, even the special lady at the desk, who is professional in every detail. My heart is filled with gratitude for everyone at the center, and to John Barnes, the founder of Myofascial Release Therapy.

Thank you, thank you,
God Bless!!!!

Marsha Shanke
I am a 79 year old woman, who has had different degrees of back pain since I skied into a tree in my late 20's.  I wore a steel back brace for over ten years and cannot remember a time when I was completely pain free.  I have severe osteoporosis from medication due to a diagnosis of lupus. in my 30's.  The doctor told me no heavy massages due to my brittle bones. 
Two years ago I heard of Ganfield Therapeutics and MFR treatments.  I decided to try a massage to relax my back and during that session, remarked about my TMJ problem in my right jaw.  In a short time, the TMJ completely disappeared and I have had no trouble.  My dentist shakes his head in wonder every time I see him.
Last year I fell and fractured my sacrum and lower lumber area.  I opted to forgo P.T. because I was afraid something else would break during treatment and settled on water therapy every day which helped strengthen my core muscles, however, while recovered as much as the doctors thought I could go, I was still in high pain and couldn't be on my feet for only a short length of time.  Once again, I decided to visit Ganfield Therapeutics for treatment.  After a series of 15 treatments I can honestly say that I have never felt this loose and free of pain...which started at 9-- 10 and dropped to 0-1 or 2.  The atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful and the the therapists are the nicest and best trained staff I have had the pleasure to be around.  No waiting around to be seen.  Promptness is another one of their goals. 

Elizabeth Mason     


Last year I came in with sciatica issues and I cant thank you enough for how much you guys helped me. I was so miserable at the start of it and now seems like it never happened. I rave about you guys the second anyone brings up any sort of body pain. With all of that behind me, I've gone back to school full time.

Toni Cappellano  

Myofascial Release has changed my body for the better. I feel taller and leaner because I stand taller and with better posture, but most importantly, I just feel better. Nothing feels as tight as it was or "out of place." The first release was the most dramatic but has improved how I walk, sit and feel when lying down. I was completely stunned that a stretch of only a few minutes could achieve such immediate and long lasting results.

The most challenging part was to just let go and let the release happen. Once I was quiet during a session and just focused on the feeling of the area being worked, I could begin to feel the release and focus on the area in which it was occurring.The daily stretches have helped me figure out what other parts of my body weren't feeling "right" so I could let the therapist know for the next session. 

I have truly seen that everything is literally connected with fascia.

Dominique Geocaris             

I drive 3 hours one way to have therapy at Ganfield Therapeutics. It has helped to keep my fibromyalgia manageable for the past three years. I have had physical therapy for almost thirty years but myofascial release is the only therapy that has had a lasting positive effect. I rarely take pain medication anymore.

Kimberly McCord, D.M.E., Bloomington.


I came to Ganfield Therapeutics with a healthy skepticism about whether the treatment would help me after prolonged pain (5 months) from knee replacement surgery. Within a week (2 treatments) I could feel improvement after a couple of months of seemingly no change. After a month, I went from a 2 - 5 daily pain level to a 0 - 2 pain level. I'm beginning to play tennis again and my sleep has dramatically improved. I'm excited to know I have another alternative therapy available when needed.

Greg B        


I was diagnosed with MS in 1989, after a few flare ups, the symptoms quickly disappeared. In 1994 I started to take Betaseron followed by steroids. By 1997, I started to have a balance problem and over the next few years, I progressed from canes to a Rollater ( a walker with wheels and a hand brake). During this time pain also showed up, first it was mild, but then got worse and became constant. I also felt my muscles cramp and stiffen all over my body. If I sat down, when I got up my whole body would just shudder. I could not stand up without it happening. My MS doctor could not explain this at all. I went off Betaseron, it had no effect, and it was obvious that for me it was a waste of time and money. The only thing that changed was that the pain and mobility problems just got worse. My MS doctor would only shake his head and tell me that this is what happens with MS. His only suggestion was that I try another form of the Betaseron or IV Steroids. My wife, children and friends were being driven away by my constant crabbiness and ill temperament. I was just about to accept a life in a wheelchair and a painful one at that.

Then I heard about MFR (Myofascial Release). I found Ganfield Therapeutics and tried it. After my interview with Lisa, she made it clear that they could not cure my MS, but should be able to help with the stiffness and pain. Since the interview took almost the complete hour, she only had time for a little MFR, but once she applied some pressure on my back I immediately felt my fascia release and the pain was greatly reduced.

I have been going to Ganfield for over a year and can now get into bed, instead of just falling on the bed and floundering like a fish out of water. I don't wear my leg brace and I actually walk instead of pushing my walker and dragging my legs. I am able to walk faster and have more control over my limbs. I can now stand without shuddering. I have no pain at all. It feels like a new life. I still have MS, but I am back to being my old laid back self. It took me 13 years to get to the point of despair. With just a few tweaks from Ganfield lies the light at the end of the tunnel.

I would like to thank all the staff of Ganfield Therapeutics for making this so.

Gary Sedlacko
Round Lake, IL    


Ganfield Therapeutics has truly given me my life back! Improper surgery was performed on my foot, leaving me on crutches for 10 years, which also led to the development of Fibromyalgia. Working with Gordon Russell, I was able to walk without crutches, and because of help from Ganfield Therapeutics this last year I am now almost pain-free. I am working out five days a week at a health center where I walk 1.5 miles around the track and ride a stationary bike for another 2 miles. I am also able to swim - a passion that I thought I could never indulge in again. I cannot express how dramatically Lisa Ganfield and the other therapists have changed my life. As I move forward, I believe that I have much more control over what my body can do because of their home program, and I have every confidence that the therapists at Ganfield will be able to help me overcome any obstacles that I encounter.

Jean-Louise Gustafson, Ed.D.                       


Upon arrival at Ganfield Therapeutics my experience began. The wonderful staff and relaxing atmosphere makes you feel wellness right from the start.

When I began treatments my pain level was quite intense 24/7. I would experience an electric shock feeling in areas that were quite painful. I ate aspirin, advil and other pain relievers which offered very little relief. After a short time, I started to realize that at times I had no pain at all. When I had pain, it was an area rather than all-over. The good days and hours increased dramatically.

My sleep pattern changed as well. I began falling asleep faster and having more restful nights because I wasn't always adjusting to find a position that would relieve my pain. My breathing was easier as well. Headaches were less severe and usually were gone by the end of a treatment.

When I started Reflexology, there were 2 major changes. Because of medication, I had terrible dry mouth. I had tried every product on the market and after a few treatments the dry mouth went away. It changed my gum condition and mouth comfort because of more moisture. Secondly, when I had these treatments, I would sleep like a rock for several nights. I felt so much better because of less body pain, easier breathing and better sleep. MFR is a profound treatment for pain and tension, and the Ganfield staff are experts.

RT, Illinois.    


I have had wonderful results from the treatment I received from Ganfield Therapeutics. I had hip pain for 1.5 years and with 4 treatments I was pain free. I had tried orthopedic physical therapy with no results. I had a bladder leakage that was very severe for ten years. I did treatment with a urologist for 1 year with no results. I had major results with one treatment and almost total results with 4 treatments.

Mildred C.  


For over ten years I was only able to chew food using primarily two teeth on my right side. I was unable to get any teeth on the left upper and lower jaw to touch. After just a couple of MFR sessions focused on my mouth, the majority of my teeth can now touch, making eating easy and comfortable for the first time in a decade.

Kim B.


Ganfield Therapeutics has been essential in my recovery from a series of injuries. Also, MFR has relieved most of my arthritis pain. I feel better now than I have in ten years. The calming atmosphere and extremely capable staff are a pleasant bonus! Best therapy ever.

After learning the stretching techniques along with breathing I was able to apply them to cravings for cigarettes. After 30 years of smoking, I have now been smoke free for 5 1/2 months. Thanks Ganfield!

Sue C. 


After many years of managing injury related chronic neck and back pain, thanks to Ganfield Therapeutics I can attest to MFR therapy as being the most effective, non-invasive form of treatment I have tried. The resulting elimination of pain was astounding. And with the understanding and training I received for future self-care and at-home therapy as needed, I feel empowered to maintain a level of wellness I never imagined possible.

Deb B 



I would like to express my satisfaction with your treatment. My doctor wanted to perform surgery, fusing my vertebrae. In approximately eight weeks of treatment you and your staff not only cured me of my symptoms, but I have remained symptom free ever since. Such performance and results are an extreme rarity in our world today...

Thank you!
Glen M., Kenosha, WI

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic neck pain for the last 40 years. I made one last attempt to seek help by seeing one of Chicagoland's most well respected rheumatologists. The rheumatologist recommended that I try myofascial release treatment at Ganfield Therapeutics in Gurnee. I was skeptical to say the least since I have made previous attempts over the years for treatment with little to no relief.

I had 10 to 12 treatments from Ganfield Therapeutics and I can truly say that I am now pain free. The staff has taught me methods to treat myself from ever getting this type of debilitating pain again. And I am now off all pain medications. This treatment really works.

John N.
Highland Park, IL.


When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my rheumatologist and referred to Ganfield Therapeutics, I had been living with pain “everywhere” and depression. This was hard for me to accept because I believed this was “all in my head” and I would have to just “deal with it”. I knew this was affecting my daily life, my family and my job, so I followed my doctor’s advice.

Within the first week of treatment, I was educated with the real fact of fibromyalgia and could begin to accept that my pain and depression were real and could be treated. I was also relieved of a trigger point pain over my scapula that I had lived with for over 30 years!

I now know the value of Myofascial Release Therapy. With the treatment education, home exercise training and tools I have received, I can live a happier and more fulfilling life. Without reservation, I promote Ganfield Therapeutics. I share this with my family, friends, co-workers, my patients and my own Primary Care Physician. The entire staff have all shared empathy, support and their knowledge and to Lisa, Lisa, Gordon, Jessica and Susan, I say, Thank You!

Joyce Zastany, RN


I realized how much better I've gotten because of a recent trip to the supermarket, of all places!

My wife asked if I'd join her at Jewel even though I've never really enjoyed going there - I couldn't walk the store, and often I'd use one of those electric scooters to get around or sit in front waiting for her. But on this particular day, I discovered much to my surprise, I could walk the whole market and enjoy it, too. It lit me up, I was so excited to feel this way. This came after struggling with nine years of chronic, difficult pain from diabetes, heart surgery, and a stroke.


Lisa Ganfields' role in my life changed almost everything about me, from my outlook and aspect to a greater flexibility and reduced pain than I ever imagined possible.

The fact that Myofascial Release is a lasting release is still quite a surprise to me, and it took me more than my first month of treatment to realize it had the power to improve  my life. And now I know that whatever stretching and other exercises I do at home are really paying off. Now three months later I'm a believer, and I give thanks. They've seen me through, and I'm getting better all the time.

Jesse Rotman, Wheeling, IL.


I am very grateful to Ganfield Therapeutics and the wonderful care I received from them. I have suffered from chronic back pain for years and have tried various treatments and therapies to help alleviate my pain. For the first time in my life, I feel hopeful and empowered by the personal back therapy program Lisa Ganfield taught me so that I can help myself at home. Instead of taking pain medication, I am able to alleviate my discomfort with exercises and stretching that I learned form Lisa. I will always be greateful for the compassionate, personalized care I received from all of the staff at Ganfield Therapeutics!

Recently, my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. Since I also have scoliosis and wore the Milwaukee Brace and Boston Buckle as a teenager (which I hated to wear), I wanted to be as proactive as possible in the treatment of her curve. As a former patient of Ganfield Therapeutics, I was hopeful they could also help my daughter. Lisa Ganfield evaluated her and developed a treatment plan that included home exercises and MFR at the clinic. Today, I am happy to report that my daughter's scoliosis has improved and she will not require bracing! I am profoundly grateful to Lisa Ganfield and her expertise!!! What a difference she has made in my daughter's life!! Thank you!!!

Caryn A.

My desire to write this testimonial is driven by my satisfaction of the Myofascial Release therapy and the care with which it was administered. Ganfield Therapeutics is a place that I will hold in my heart as a complete miracle. I had major back surgery in November of 2004. While my surgery was very successful, my recovery included neck and shoulder pain. That pain was manageable but some days so much worse than other days. Since, I am not big on medication for anything, my doctor recommended that I try Myofascial Release. I approached this therapy with a positive attitude as I had been exposed to it years before.

Today, I am fully recovered and have almost no pain. I highly recommend that if you are dealing with physical pain, Myofascial Release at Ganfield Therapeutics is one way to help learn how to get your own body to release this pain, and for you to heal, and live as pain free as possible.

Laura Swinden


The Myofascial Release treatment has helped me with my pelvic pain. I was expecting a baby and I knew how important that physical conditioning is for the delivery day, so I decided to treat my pelvic issue with this therapy and the results couldn't be better. I had a vaginal delivery and I think that's because I prepared my body making sure I had no pain.

Now I still do the myofascial exercises Ganfield Therapeutics taught me, every day, and it's helping me too, with my post -partum recovery.

Edith Bonazza-Cadenas

I am only 40 years old and no one could tell me where my pain was coming from! I was beginning to feel that I was just not able to deal with the stressors of everyday life. After many years of unexplained chronic muscle spasms, I displaced two discs in my neck and began experiencing severe neurological symptoms. My right hand was painfully numb and weak and I had consistent electric shooting pain from my shoulder to my elbow. Needless to say, I was unable to lead a normal life in this type of pain!

With many unsuccessful treatment option exhausted, I mentally prepared myself for surgery until my orthopedist recommended that I be evaluated at Ganfield Therapeutics. After an extensive initial visit, my therapist went right to work! She was able to tell me where my physical problems began and gave me a plan of attack! Within two weeks, my pain level had decreased by 50% with myofacial release and within a month, I was almost pain free!  With several months of multidisciplinary treatments at Ganfield Therapeutics, I am now able to prevent muscle spasms and pain myself, with relaxation techniques that I have learned in  treatment and in the stretching classes. My appreciation and love to the professionals at Ganfield Therapeutics who have not only taught me how to stop my physical pain cycle, but who have given me my life back!

Laurie Ryba


 I am amazed at the results I have obtained after Myofascial Release therapy. Suffering from a pinched nerve in my back I was one step away from surgery. My sister, an OT residing in Missouri, recommended Ganfield Therapeutics as an alternative to surgery. After completing 3/4 of my therapy, the pain in my lower back and leg has been alleviated. The pain and numbness in my foot has lessened tremendously. My posture has improved to such a degree I can hardly believe the before and after pictures. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone. It has greatly improved my quality of life.

Joe Rizzio

Lisa Ganfield and her group seems to have worked miracles. Actually, it hasn't been miraculous, but is due to the ability of Lisa's group to track down the source of the problem and do what needs to be done. The combination of the in-office treatment, the education on muscles and lifestyle, and the prescribed stretching exercises have, each time put me back in shape.

When I started, I had recurring referred pain in my arm and back, and it had been getting worse--enough that I sometimes had to stop working at my computer for a few days. I am happy to report that I am completely free of symptoms. I owe this to the folks at Ganfield.

The program I have gone through emphasized stretching -- not just in my neck/shoulder area, but in areas I wouldn't have suspected were connected -- my arm, back and right hip.

I had gone to another PT group at a very good hospital, but didn't get the results I wanted. The treatment has made such a difference. I feel that they have changed my life.
John E.
I had a roller skating fall about two years ago that resulted in a knee that was very sensitive if used a lot. Any amount of walking or lifting caused days of soreness. In the course of our business, I met Lisa Ganfield who explained the possible help her therapy could provide. I met for one session and after two and one half months, have not had any pain or soreness at all. I strongly recommend trying this therapy, especially if you are living with pain and your doctor has no answer other than surgery.
Joe Hiett


Relaxing ambience, exhilarating treatments! Since surgery, I am beginning to feel less pain and stiffness. Also feel strength returning to my affected leg and foot that is weakened since over a year. Keep up the great work!
Cassandra King

I sustained a partially torn rotator cuff injury in 2001 in Charlottesville, VA.
Almost three years of cortisone injections and standard physical therapy had failed to eradicate my chronic shoulder pain. After exhausting the maximum number of cortisone injections, surgery was scheduled for March 2004. However, prior to the surgery date, I visited the Chicago area and sought the services of Ganfield Therapeutics for Myofascial Release therapy.
I am pleased to announce that the therapy was highly beneficial and the surgery was cancelled. At this point in time I am pain free (six months now). A multitude of thanks are owed to Ganfield Therapeutics for providing a viable alternative to conventional medicine and invasive surgery.
Lynne Shay


My story begins in November 1999. Painfully stuck would be the best way to describe my condition at that time.  I had been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  I was in constant pain from head to toe.  I had gone from a lifestyle of playing tennis for two hours, three times a week, to barely being able to walk down a hallway.  I was also trying to finish my doctoral dissertation.  I was stuck, stuck, and stuck. I didn't know what to do or where to go.

My neurologist had given me medications.  They helped some, but made me tired.  Even with the medication,  I was still in an enormous amount of pain.  A podiatrist friend of mine gave me information about John Barnes and myofacial release (MFR).  She suggested I go to Lisa Ganfield's clinic for treatment.  I was hesitant to say the least.  I told her I would go after I finished my doctoral work. Yet the vicious cycle continued; I was in so much pain and fatigued much of the time, I was painfully behind in
my doctoral research. She convinced me the holistic approach may actually help me complete my doctorate. So after much hesitation,  I decided to give MFR a chance. I thank God every day that I did. 

Ganfield MFR Therapeutics uses a holistic approach. Even the appearance of the office is an important part of the treatment; it is an environment that is elegantly tranquil.  After being treated on a regular basis, for several weeks,  I moved from being painfully stuck, to being relatively pain-free.  I have been able to reduce my medications, and have learned a home program to keep me healthy.  I still need to check in periodically during flare ups, but my overall health has been much improved.  But most importantly, I was able to get "unstuck" and complete my doctoral work. The last four years have been the most difficult in my life.  I could not have succeeded without the help of Lisa and her therapists.


Dr. Mary K. Pinski 

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