Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Yes and No. You may be referred by anyone, but a prescription is required from a diagnosing physician (M.D., D.O., Dentist, Chiropractor or Podiatrist), that states P.T./O.T. for MFR Treatment, if being seen by one of the licensed OT/PT therapists.

For those clients who would like an introductory session of Myofascial Release Treatment, or those that do not want to use health insurance, we have an experienced MFR therapist available that doesn’t need Dr.’s orders.

2. How many visits are recommended or needed?

Most treatment plans utilize 10 to 15 sessions, depending upon the patient’s condition and doctor’s orders. Sometimes more than 15, and sometimes only a few are needed to affect long term or permanent change, depending upon response to treatment.

3. Are Myofascial Release treatments covered by insurance?

Yes. Most insurance plans cover MFR treatments if treated by a therapist specialized in MFR techniques and if they are a licensed O.T. or P.T.. We check benefits with your insurance company before treatment, and we ask that you check with them as well.

We are in network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Align Networks, Integrated Health Plan and FOCUS. These new networks make it possible for people insured with Aetna, PBA and a few others to have their treatments discounted as though we are in network. Most insurance companies cover our services, including TriCare (Health Net Federal Services).

4. Will I need to strengthen and/or exercise?

Most of the time, MFR self treatment in the form of stretching is recommended and included as part of a simple home program, taught by the therapists and on video tapes available for check-out. Certain exercises including strengthening are given according to your needs, after your tightness and asymmetries are addressed.



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